F30 -Thin Film measurements

F30 - Thin Film measurements
Multi-spots / In-Situ


The most powerful tool available for monitoring thin film deposition

Measure depositions rates, layer thickness, index and uniformity of semiconductors and dielectric layers in real time with the F30 spectral reflectometry system


Example Layers

MBE and MOCVD: Smooth and translucent or lightly-absorbing films, may be measured. This includes virtually any semiconducting material from AIGaN to GalnAsP



Multiple Uses


The F30 is several instruments in one: it is a predisposition calibration tool for making adjustments to a process recipe before an actual deposition run, a real-time monitor of the thin film deposition process, a fault sensor and a post-deposition evaluation instrument for completed multiple-layer structure.


Measurement of static layers


For statiuc layers, the F30 measures the sample's reflectance spectrum and then analyzes this data with powerful simulation routines tto determine the layer's thickness and optical constants. Any layer in a stack of up to four layers may be measured in this way


A system that suits your needs inscluding multi-wafer applications


The F30 includes everything required for in-situ measurements: spectrometer, light source, fiber-optic cable and lens assemblies. Special lens mounts are available for restricted-access applications, such as is often encountered in MOCVD. A simple multi-wafer/wobble-correction option is also available -- no moving parts or complicated synchronization hardwareis required.




Thickness Range (F30) 15 nm - 70µm
Thickness Range (F30-UV) 1nm - 40µm
Min. Thickness (Virtual interface methode)

>100nm, typically

Accuracy (typical) <1%
Wavelength Range (F30) 380 - 1050nm
Wavelength Range ( F30-UV)

190 - 1100nm

Spot Size Probe to samplee distance x 0.007
Light Source

Regulated Tungsten-Halogen

Optional long life LED (>50, 000 hours) for photodiode only configuration

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