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ScienTec is proud to announce the introduction of the new S line for non-contact optical 3D profiling. The line that opens the gate to a new 3D experience. Designed as a high-performance 3D optical profiler from the outset, S neox outperforms all existing optical profilers, combining confocal and interferometry techniques in the same sensor head without any moving parts. S neox, the best of two techniques.

The S neox uses a high-resolution CCD sensor of up to 1360x1024 pixels in combination with high-resolution displays of 2560x1440.

Its four LED light sources inside its optical core: red (630 nm), green (530 nm), blue (460 nm) and white improves lateral resolution and optical coherence length.

Additionally, the red, green and blue LEDs are pulsed to acquire real color images and high contrast color-coded depth information in real time.


From nanoworld to your eyes

Confocal images are taken at the highest camera resolution with very impressive details. A complete 3D scan is taken in less than 10 seconds.

Live 3D feelings

A new way to feel the 3D experience

A confocal RGB image view technique allows the user to observe nano-level details within a few microns range.


The S neox is a complete tool. Its compact design is ideal for obtaining a fast, non-invasive assessment of the micro- and nanogeometry of technical surfaces in multiple configurations. S neox provides the flexibility, durability and efficiency required from the standard setup for R&D and quality inspection laboratories to sophisticated, customized solutions for online process controls, measuring samples up to 700 x 600 mm2.



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