S mart, a high-resolution 3D sensor for automated production systems

Profilometer S Lynx, ease of use, powerfull and low cost.

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S lynx is a new non-contact 3D surface profiler designed for use in industry and research. It has been designed as a compact and versatile system. S lynx is able to measure differing textures, structures, roughness and waviness, all across varying surface scales. The S lynx’s versatility makes it appropriate for a broad range of high-end surface measurement applications. Ideal performance is guaranteed by Sensofar’s proprietary 3-in-1 measurement technology, and complemented by the incredibly intuitive operation of the system with the associated SensoSCAN software.





3 in 1 Technologies



Confocal with no moving parts




The confocal scanning technique implemented in Sensofar’s systems utilizes a patented microdisplay scanning technology. The micro-display is based on ferroelectric liquid crystalon silicon (FLCoS) technology, creating a rapidly switching device with no moving parts that makes the scanning of confocal images fast, reliable and accurate. Due to the microdisplay and the associated algorithms, Sensofar’s confocal technique yields a class-leading vertical resolution, better than other confocal approaches and even better than laser scanning confocal systems. All without filtering the data.





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