Sensofar - PLµ Apex profilomètre optique asphérique

Sensofar - PLµ Apex - Aspheric Optical Profiler

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The PLu Apex is an optical profiler capable of measuring any optical surface from aspheric to flat or free-form. This is especially helpful when measuring optics. Its innovative design, based on Sensofar's confocal Tracking technology allows non-contact high precision fast measurement of 1 mm/s.

PLu Apex is equipped with a high-precision air bearing stage and a powerful aspheric curve analysis software as well as a fast, easy to use alignment technology.

The new PLu apex is able to meet the most demanding metrology requirements for large samples with a measurement range up to 100 mm (optionally up to 500 mm) and up to 50 mm Z measurement range and up to 65º slope angle.

Non-contact metrology plays a key role in aspheric and free-form optics manufacturing industries. This holds true for mass production of Blu-ray and DVD lenses, cellphone, PDA camera lenses, digital cameras, projectors lenses. It is especially critical for high precision applications such us astronomical instrumentation, optical data storage and photolithography.

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