system for assisted inspection of stents

Q six - System for assisted inspection of stents


Sensofar Medical has developed the Q six, a system for assisted stent inspection. Q six has been designed as a comprehensive solution for simplifying and streamlining stent assessment and approval.

Inspection and quality control of stents is a process carried out manually by skilled operators with the assistance of conventional optical magnification tools and may represent the main bottleneck and the highest cost in the manufacturing process of a stent.


System Capabilities


2D high-resolution imaging permits inspection of both inner and outer surfaces as well as the sidewalls of the stent structure



3D optical modes then provide further detail on surface roughness, surface topography and coating thickness.


An assisted mode in the Q six user interface features the necessary algorithms and functions to ‘unroll’ imaged sections and thus enable easy but accurate measurement of critical dimensions, assessment of edge features and enabling automatic defect detection and classification.



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