Système d'indentation In-Situ


In-Situ Indentation Systems high temperature


he InSEM ® HT (high temperature) measures hardness, modulus and stiffness at high temperature by independently heating both the tip and sample in a vacuum environment. The InSEM ® HT is compatible with scanning electron microscope (SEM) and focused ion beam (FIB) chambers, or standalone vacuum chambers. The accompanying InView software helps advanced researchers develop novel experiments. Scientific publications show that InSEM ® HT results match well to traditional large-scale high temperature test data. The combination of wide temperature range capability and low cost of ownership makes the InSEM ® HT a valuable tool in materials development research programs.


Product Description



The InSEM HT high temperature test system allows independent tip and sample heating in a vacuum environment, and is compatible with many SEM/FIB chambers or standalone vacuum chambers. With temperatures ranging up to 800 °C, extreme temperature conditions can be simulated in situ in order to produce consistent, reliable test data. Single-crystal tungsten carbide tips on a molybdenum holder are optimized for use in high temperature test applications, and are available in several geometries.









  • InForce 50 actuator with tip heating for capacitance displacement measurement and electromagnetic force actuation with interchangeable tips
  • Sample heating up to 800 °C with 10mm sample-size and vacuum-compatible sample mounting system
  • InQuest high speed controller electronics with 100kHz data acquisition rate and 20µs time constant
  • XYZ motion system for sample targeting
  • SEM video capture for synchronized SEM images with test data
  • Unique software-integrated tip-calibration system for fast, accurate tip calibration
  • InView control and data review software with Windows ® 10 compatibility and method developer for user-designed experiments




  • High temperature testing
  • Hardness and modulus measurements (Oliver-Pharr)
  • Continuous stiffness measurement
  • High speed material property maps
  • Creep measurement
  • Strain rate sensitivity
  • Universities, research labs and institutes
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Hard coatings
  • Nuclear energy
  • Military/defense


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