MicroXAM 800 Profilomètre de surface-KLA Tencor

MicroXAM 800

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The MicroXAM-800 is an optical surface profiler from KLA-Tencor’s surface metrology product line. This non-contact, white light interferometer differentiates itself with an innovative yet simple user interface. It features a powerful suite of functions to support the broadest range of applications.
  • SMART and ZSI acquire algorithms to simplify measurement setup
  • Easy and flexible script setup with drag and drop of functions
  • Fast 3D step height, roughness, and defect characterization
The MicroXAM-800 optical interferometer is a flexible platform for both acquiring and analyzing data. The system includes the hardware and software features necessary to meet stringent R&D and production environment requirements. Features include programmable stages, simple recipe set-up, scripting, and an expandable library of analysis tools. A variety of objectives, sample stages, and options are available to meet the needs of any application.

Applications :

The MicroXAM-800 optical interferometer supports applications in R&D and production, measuring texture, step height, and form. It is used in a variety of industries: LED, power devices, medical devices, MEMS, semiconductor, solar, and precision surfaces.

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