• Most flexible Spectrometer-System on the market
    The multitude of possible setup-configurations enabled a wide field of applications with only one device
  • Maximum straylight-rejection
    For low-frequency Raman Measurements down to 5 cm-1 or less @ 532nm excitation
  • Excellent spectral resolution
    Down to 0.1 cm-1 FMHM (at 633 nm)
  •  Superior Imaging Quality
    Image corrected optics enable great imaging quality for multi-track applications
  • Easy Software Switch between Additive and Subtractive Dispersion Modes
    The system may be used in high-resolution (additive) modes and bandpass (subtractive) modes



  • Deep UV to IR wavelength range
  • High spectral resolution, i.e. FWHM < 0.1 cm-1 at 633 nm (TR777 in additive mode)
  • Low frequency Raman measurements down to 5 cm-1 or less, depending on sample
  • Operable for unlimited amount of laser wavelength in the range from DUV to NIR
  • Useful for tunable laser-excitation
  • Easy software-switch between "Additive" and "Subtractive" Dispersion-Mode
  • Simultanious Stokes / Anti-Stokes Measurements
  • Easy switch between Triple- and Single-Stage Operations (with optional Bypass-enhancement)   


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