Present in some European countries, Scientec distributes all its equipments in France, but also in Spain, in Portugal, in Benelux, in Switzerland and Northern Europe.

ZA de Courtaboeuf
17, avenue des Andes
Bâtiment le Cèdre
91940 LES ULIS (France)

Tel :+33(0)1 64 53 27 00
Fax :+33(0)1 64 53 27 01



The ScienTec company possesses all the necessary equipments to calibrate and test the equipments which are marketed or rented.

A black room allows calibration and grading of all the equipments of the PHOTOMETRY department (photometer, spectroradiometer, sources of reference, luxmeter...) on guaranteed sources, monochromators, optical benches...

Regarding the SURFACE ANALYSIS department, a laboratory equipped with test benches and with standards allows the gradings and the calibrations of AFM scanners, profilers, optical profilers...

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question : info@scientec.fr