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Ion Multi Gauge Controller MG15




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• Any high and ultra high vacuum systems
• Measurement of ultimate pressure (from atmosphere to UHV range)
• Bakeable and non bakeable systems


The MG15 is able to support four active gauges and up to three passive gauges, extending the measurement range to 2×10-12 mbar. The unit is fully software controlled. The unit can be remotely controlled via one of available interfaces.



• Measurement range from atmospheric to 2x10-12 mbar
• Pressure plots
• Pressure trend graphs
• Measurement filtering (low, med, hi)
• Controls almost all commercially available Bayard-Alpert gauges
• Degassing of Bayard-Alpert with power and time limit
• Supports Ir/W/Thoria filaments
• Bayard-Alpert overpressure protection
• Selectable measurement units: mbar, Torr, Pascal, Psia
• Gas specific correction with one customized setting
• Unit over-temperature protection
• 10 individually programmable set-points with threshold and hysteresis functions
• User-defined channel names
• Possibility of active gauges self-identification
Charts module - real time pressure charts with data export possiblity (option)
• Parallel measurement for all channels
• Fully software controlled (option)
• Labview compatible (option)


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