ResiScope II Mesure Electrique Atomic Force Microscope, Microscope A force Atomique

ResiScope II

Electrical characterization in AFM

NEWS & ResiScope Awards


-Soft ResiScope Mode
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-"Yves Rocard 2014" Prize
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-FIEEC Prize for Applied Research at "Rendez-Vous Carnot 2013"
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The ResiScope II is a unique system able to measure Resistance over 10 decades with a high sensitivity and resolution. It can be combined with several dynamic modes as MFM/EFM (AC/MAC mode) or KFM single‐pass (AC/MAC III) providing several sample characterization on the same scan area.
The measurement is made by applying a DC bias between the sample and a conductive AFM probe (tip at virtual ground). The tip is scanning in contact mode using the laser deflection for the AFM feedback . As an independent measurement, the ResiScope II measures the sample resistance through the High Performance Amplifier (HPA).

What’s a ResiScope ?


A dual measurement system :




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