Scanning electron microscope, SEM analysis

Scanning Electron Microscope
EM-30AX Plus


EM-30Ax Plus is high resolution bench top SEM. It offers the ultmost ease of operation usingJoy & Shuttle. Also, the special multi sample holder for EM-30AX Plus makes it possible for users to observe up to 7 specimen at the same time.


Table top SEM EM series, Advanced SEM-EDS total solution EM-30Ax Plus


1. All-in-one Model of SEM-EDS
2. Intuitive User Interface
3. Auto Functions
- 3-axis motorized sample stage
- Auto Focus, Contrast, Brightness, Gun Alignment functions
4. Maximum Sample Size Up To 60mm in dia, 45mm(H)
5. Magnification Up To x150,000
6. Easy Navigation With the 'Navigation Mode'
7. Precise Control With a Joystick And the 'Driving Mode'
8. Integrated BSE Detector And LV Mode(optional) Available Automotive





x20 ~ x150,000 (Effective :~ x80,000)

Accelerating Voltage

1kV to 30kV

Electron Gun

Tungsten Filament(w)


SE Detector, BSE Detector, EDS


X: 35mm (Motorized),Y: 35mm (Motorized)
T: 0 to 45° (Motorized),R: 360° ,Z: 5 to 50mm(Manual)

Maximum Sample Size

45mm (H),60mm (Diameter)

Image Mode(pixel)

· RDE (320x240), TV (640x480), Slow (800x600)
· Photo (1280x960, 2560x1920, 5120x3840)

Frame Rate

· RDE (MAX. 30 frames/sec)
· TV (MAX. 10 frames/sec)
· Slow (MAX. 2 frames/sec)

Vacuum System

Turbo Molecular Pump (Less than 3min)

Auto Functions

Auto Focus, Contrast, Brightness, Filament, Start


· Windows7



Special Features

· Navigation View
· Special Multi Sample Holder
· Signal Mixing (SE+BSE)Dual Display(SE/BSE)
· Integrated BSE(Compo, Topo)
· Line Profile
· Image Process
· Measurement Tool
· Remote Control


Low Vacuum, Cool Stage


400 (W) x 600(L) x 550 (H)mm,95kg



EDS Specification


System Resolution

Mn K 133eV standard 129 eV premium

Chip Size

30 mm²


Si3N4 <100 nm thick

Cooling System


Detection Range

Be to Am

X-ray Input

1 Mcps/channel

Throughput (Stored Counts)

300 kcps/channel

Peak To Background

10,000 : 1

Resolution Stability

90% up to 200 kcps


10 eV/ch

Power Requirements

· 5 W max - detector only
· 10 W max - with DPP box

Input Voltage

· 100 - 240 VAC.
· 47 - 63 Hz

Operating Conditions

· 5° to 50° C; Altitude up to · 4000m · 20-80% RH non-condensing

S/W Functions

Point&ID, Line Scan, Mapping


More information about EDS options, click here.




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