FP Series Mechanical profilometry

FP Series

Mechanical profilometry


Toho custom profilers offer comprehensive measurement capabilities for mass production and research facilities that demand accuracy, performance and value.

Incorporating KLA-Tencor’s proprietary low-force measurement head, Toho Profilers provide low stylus force and achieve highly accurate micron to nanometer range measurements to analyze surface flatness, surface roughness, waviness, peak to valley, curvature, texture, stress, and feature dimensions on any square FPD substrate larger than 300mm.

Toho Profilers provide industry leading measurement repeatability and features configured to your specific application and price range. Enhancing tool value and Material Characterization performance Toho also provides various options to the standard platform.

Standard Features



  • Substrate Accommodation

Toho Profilers fit all applications with smaller substrate systems featuring an X, Y, axis moving stage and larger systems utilizing gantry positioned heads

  • KLA-Tencor Micro Head

With outstanding patented measurement technology, best in class profilometry is achieved with exceptional stylus sensitivity

  • Stylus Profiling

The standard L-Stylus (2µm, 60°) allows for precision scanning with force ranges from 0.5mg to 15mg providing up to 90mm continuous scan length at 25mm per second. Stage area

  • Repeatability

Excellent and reliable measurement reproduction featuring scan repeatability of 10 Å at center stage

Sequence Data Base manager

  • Optical

Color camera for clear searching and scanning


Options & Accessories


• CIM System

• Off-line software

• Auto Pattern Recognition

• 3D imaging

• Stress Measurement

• Resistivity 4-Point Probe

• UPS unit

• VLSI Standard

• Spare L-Stylus






Toho Profilers are designed to provide accurate profile measurements within applications geared toward FPD large surface area substrates.

• Thin film heights

• Thick film heights

• Photo resist / soft films

• Characterization of surface roughness or waviness

• Surface Curvature and form

• 2D stress on thin films

• Peak to Valley Dimension analysis

• 3D imaging

• Flatness

• Defect Analysis




Engineered for precision profile performance, Toho Technology has engineered stand alone systems for measuring small substrates as well as the largest G10 glass measuring up to 3 x 2.8 meters. Depending on sample size, A-Type systems or X-type systems are offered with variations of stationary or moving measurement heads and stage configurations. Generally, substrates less than G4 sizes can be accommodated with the A-Type Profiler.


  • FP-20 Series

X-type: Head Moves / Stage is stationary (G4.5 or larger sample size)

With larger glass panels, noise can be generated with sample handling. The X-type FP series solves this issue with a moveable Micro Head.

The measurement table only has an X axis and a granite gantry hangs the scanner with the Micro Head with a Y axis. This structure allows for faster measurement site with more reliable data at all points on the sample. The scanner moves the Micro Head over the measurement table to measure the pattern while the table is fixed.


  • FP-10 Series

A-type: Head Stationary / Stage moves (G4 or smaller FPD sample size)

With smaller glass substrates, the original KLA-Tencor design with the moveable stage is used. Under the measurement table there are 2 lead screws (X and Y) for location of a measurement point and for the scanner that moves for a measurement while the Micro Head with the stylus is fixed over the table. This type is suitable for smaller samples and limited footprint requirements.


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