FLX-2320-S système de mesure de stress


Stress Measurement System



With a strong business success for both companies in the past, Toho and KLA-Tencor have officially concluded the next transfer of technology, which has resulted in a long awaited upgrade to KLA-Tencor’s industry standard stress measurement system, the FLX-2320.

Toho Technology has released a new and improved version, the FLX-2320-S, featuring a new Windows XP operating platform that drives the most reliable bench top stress measurement tool in the industry.

Stress Measurement System


  • Provides accurate stress measurements on various films and substrate
  • Precisely determines and analyzes surface stress on deposited thin films
  • Ideal for research and development purposes
  • Resolving problems such as metal and dielectric film cracking, voiding, and lifting formation
  • Equipped with a heating element for stress monitoring at high temperatures
  • Optional cooling unit that allows a thorough understanding of film properties at temperatures from –65°C to 500°C
  • Inert flush capability offers a controlled atmosphere in nitrogen or argon, preventing oxidation and moisture effects


Thermal Process Development


A key FLX-2320-S feature is its ability to produce stress temperature correlations. In-situ stress measurements can be made from -65°C to 500°C at heating rates up to 30°C per minute (the cooling unit to -65°C is optional). An understanding of stress variations with temperature is essential for characterizing material properties such as stress relaxation, moisture evolution, and phase changes. In turn, this helps monitor and control process parameters such as sputtering power, furnace temperature, and gas flow rate.

Advanced Laser Technology

The FLX-2320-S features KLA-Tencor's patented dual wavelength technology, which enables the system to select the wavelength most suitable for the particular application. Pre-selecting the optimal wavelength minimizes destructive interference patterns from transparent films such as silicon nitride. In addition, the laser assembly has only a single moving component ensuring low vibration and high accuracy.


Comprehensive Data Analysis

The intuitive, Windows-based analysis software displays any combination of stress, time, surface deflection, or reflected light intensity measurements.


In general, stress is induced when materials of dissimilar coefficients of thermal expansion are bonded together. Films may behave similarly at high temperatures but as films are cooled, materials may contract/expand differently, thus causing stress in the film. With a stressed film, defects such as dislocations, voids, and cracking may occur. The FLX stress measurement system helps troubleshoot applications listed below:

  • Aluminum stress-induced voids
  • Passivation cracking (nitride, oxide)
  • Stress-induced dislocations in silicon
  • Electrical test yield degradation
  • Tungsten silicide cracking
  • Stress increase in oxides during temperature cycling
  • Constant current stress test (CCST) degradation
  • Matching metallization expansion on GaAs
  • Silicon cracking due to high film stress


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