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Electron Source 40C1

The ES 40C1 Electron Source is a scanable electron gun with small spot profile. Due to the high transmission of its Einzel-Lens, the ES 40C delivers a high electron beam current over a wide energy range. The ES 40C1 is designed for a stable and reliable operation in e.g. AES, scanning applications,imaging, EELS and electron pulse or desorption experiments.






Technical data


Mounting flange: Rotatable, DN 40CF  
Bakeout temperature: 250°C
Water cooling: Not required
Insertion length: min. 156 mm, (other on request) OD: 34.5 mm
Energy range: 1 eV - 5 keV
Spot size: 120 µm (for optimum distance)
Scan area: 10 mm x 10 mm
(for working distance of 75 mm)
Cathode type: Thoriated Tungsten
Shield Copper or mu-metal



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